Hello and welcome to Union Studio.

I know not everyone loves working out as much as I do. It is my professional goal to make your fitness experience as fun and effective as possible. My concept is centered around your personal fitness and every studio hour will cater to custom one-on-one training in my private, boutique studio. Every session will be individually tailored uniquely to fit YOUR goal. If you come to personal train with me you don’t have to worry about all the rigmarole of initiation fees or monthly dues at a normal gym. It’s just you and me in my private space. At this time I think it is very important to point out the difference between my space and other gyms. During this Pandemic you can feel safe working out here. I take your safety very seriously and make sure to clean between every client. I also offer Virtual Personal Training sessions so you can enjoy great work-outs from the comfort of your own home. Scroll down to my testimonies and there are plenty of people who have fun working out with me. I look forward to helping create a stronger healthier you! First time customers will receive a complimentary session.

I am really excited to share my passion for fitness with you. I have been excited about exercising since my mother signed me up for my first gymnastics class when I was four years old. I played basketball in Jr. High School. I swam competitively in High School and played as a flanker for my rugby team at University Nevada Reno. Playing rugby I tore my a.c.l. In order to rehabilitate my knee I started a yoga practice. Within a year I got certified and began teaching yoga. I loved teaching yoga and with a B.A. in theater found it was a way to utilize my acting experience. I wanted to teach more and got certified in Pilates and Spin but that wasn’t enough to make a career and I became a Personal Trainer 14 years ago. Follow me on Facebook, Union Studio if you’d like to get a better feel for me. 

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