Success Stories

Love Union Studio. Rachel is an amazing trainer able to not only help you reach your goals but do so in a way that keeps you motivated. She caters your workouts to your needs and moods for the day. This is helpful for someone like me that hates working out and will find any excuse not to. For example on days I wanted to scream we did boxing to get out the frustration (way better alternative than my old behavior of going home to ice cream and wine). Rachel told me that I’d love working out, I can’t say I’m there yet but she’s getting me closer and dare I say I look forward to our trainings and the fun we have in the process.



  I am in my 50’s and have worked a desk job for too many years. As a result, I frequently suffered from shoulder and lower back pain. I also had been steadily gaining weight due to the majority of my exercise being only on the weekends and steadily losing muscle mass.

  I have had a few personal trainers over the past few years and have also spent quite a bit of money on physical therapists. Unfortunately, none of them were able to stop the pain I was feeling, and in fact, the personal trainers increased my shoulder pain. By the time I found Rachel at Union Studio I felt discouraged and ‘old’ for my age due to all the pain.

  Working out with Rachel is amazing! She solved my lower back and shoulder issues quickly through effective stretching techniques and ensuring proper form during yoga and strength exercises. I never feel I am pushed too hard and Rachel adjusts my workouts to whatever my body/mind can manage each day. I love that I never get bored; I never know if I am going to do Yoga, Pilates or a workout created just for me with lighter weights or TRX—or anything from her “closet of surprises”! Rachel is funny, kind, and very careful with her clients. She will push you but never too much. I feel amazing and very lucky to have found Rachel and Union Studio.



I can not say enough great things about Rachel Douglass and working with her at Union studios. She introduced me to Vinyasa flow Yoga and completely changed my way of the life I have had. I visit her once a week for 60 minute long private lessons and can’t say how great it is. I had done Yoga in the past but nothing compared to what Rachel introduced me to. If she thinks you are ready to move forward in the next pose she will slowly show you in. Not only is she knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough; she is friendly, warm, and a joy to be around. Rachel you are amazing!



I started working out with Rachel over one year ago. I am a life long skier and noticed that as I
was getting older. I was having difficulty skiing powder and trees. I knew I needed more core
strength. Rachel has delivered that and much more.
Reasonable fees for private workouts in a spotless private studio.
Varied work-outs tailored to my needs, strengths, and old and new injuries.
Flexible hours that accommodate my fluctuating work hours.
Rachel’s upbeat manner, encouragement, and sense of humor. I have lost 6 pounds without
altering my diet. My clothes fit better and my sciatica is gone.
I should have started years earlier.
I will continue to work with her for the foreseeable future. I do not want to lose the strength I
have attained.





I am writing a reference for Rachel Douglass. After retirement, I moved to Reno from Connecticut (CT) in August 2016. Previously in CT, I had taken weekly private Yoga lessons from a wonderful instructor, Renee, who was highly regarded in my community as an expert and had a large demand for her services. I was Renee’s private client for 5 years , when I left CT. I was concerned that I would never find another yoga instructor with the expertise and interpersonal skills of Renee. I was so fortunate to find Rachel a few months after our move and have continued, since late 2016, to have weekly private lessons with her. I strongly recommend Rachel for technical and interpersonal skills as well as her integrity. I have been completely satisfied with her work with me.